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Terms and Conditions of the rental car service

Drivers Italy Transfer


The following words shall have the following meanings:“vehicle”: means the vehicle, car or other means of transportation provided by Drivers Italy Transfer on which passengers travel; “trip”: the trip entitled to passengers based on the indications on their booking form; “service”:activity conducted by the Company; “baggage”: any object the passenger carries on his person for his trip.

Service Admission

Travellers are invited to be in possession of a valid booking form, in order to use the transportation service and must keep it on their person for the entire duration of the trip. The trip is considered terminated after leaving the vehicle. For round trips, the trip is considered terminated after leaving the vehicle on the return trip.

Provided Services

Drivers Italy Transfer carries passengers in possession of valid booking form on its vehicles. The booking form is a record of the agreement between the company and passenger. This remains the property of Drivers Italy Transfer and must be exhibited upon company request. Drivers Italy Transfer purchased online are in the passenger’s name: thus, they can only be used by the purchaser and not transferred to third parties.

Passengers with disabilities:

Passengers with disabilities who fail to communicate these conditions upon reservation may be denied service.

Drivers Italy Transfer does not provide service to unaccompanied minors (under age 14). Accompaniment and other special services are not available. Minors under age 14 must be accompanied by a passenger at least 16 years of age who must reserve both tickets together.
Children under the age of 2 at departure date may sit on an adult’s lap or, upon full payment, in their own seat. Children over the age of 2 must have their own seat and pay full fare. Child safety seats may not be carried on board the bus. Please, inform us before travelling with your children.


Drivers Italy Transfer is not required to carry animals on its vehicles except for guide dogs for blind or deaf passengers. You can ask if your pet is allowed on board contacting us via email. All animals have to be previously communicated via email (

Service access and details

  • Except for transfers, the service must be booked for a minimum of 3 hours time.
  • pick up service, or tours, are tariffed depending on km. Details on lenght and prices are available on the web-site, otherwise have to be asked contacting us via email.
  • Each passenger is allowed to bring TWO MEDIUM BAGS, if further space should be required you are invited to inform us, otherwise it may be impossible to carry your baggage. When booking, you should indicate if you will bring ski or other sports equipment of significant size.
  • Drivers Italy Transfer is also oblige to reduce travel discomforts and inconveniences to a minimum. Even though, is not liable for circumstances beyond their reasonable control. Following are examples of events beyond the company’s reasonable control: war or threat of way, accidents on the service routes, adverse and exceptional weather conditions, fire and/or damages to stations, vandalism, terrorism, unforeseen traffic, local riots or unrest, etc.
Cars are all insured, for both passengers and drivers, and they are legally allowed to work.

Passenger behaviour

When on board, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • smoke
  • throw out the windows any kind of object;
  • to damage, compromise or dirty the vehicle;
  • bring on board pets, if not previously communicated to the driver, and having set thecage or the animal in a proper way so no to ruin the car;
  • pretending the driver to ignore the traffic laws, and security norms.


Transfers to the airport:
Please choose a transfer so as to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your scheduled departure to allow time for check-in and all formalities related to the flight. Drivers Italy Transfer is not liable for circumstances beyond its reasonable control such as heavy traffic or traffic accidents. We encourage you to comply with the deadlines indicated and choose a transfer that does allow enough time for boarding.

Baggage details:
Fragile items such as electronics, portable televisions and radios are only permitted if reasonably sized. Small musical instruments such as guitars, cellos, violins or violas may only be permitted on board if a seat is reserved and the required fare paid. Wheelchairs and other mobility means for the handicapped are permitted on board free of charge, but only if previously communicated.

Prohibited baggage
We are not obliged to carry: firearms, knives or any sharp object, weapons, explosives, chemical substances, drugs or solvents (except medications), toxic or contagious substances such as rat poison, infected blood, radioactive material, corrosive substances such as mercury and vehicle batteries and any other item the company deems hazardous, that can cause injury or is unsuited for the type of carriage provided due to weight, shape, fragility or perishability. The items listed above as prohibited baggage shall be immediately removed if found on board. Drivers Italy Transfer reserves the right to refuse baggage on board which, following controls, fail to meet these requirements.

Baggage packaging and identification.

All passenger baggage should be appropriately packaged and labeled with the owner-passenger’s address and phone number. All baggage, excluding carry-on baggage, shall be stowed in the specific compartment.

Carry-on baggage
Carry-on baggage shall be stowed in the compartment before to the passenger and remain at the passenger’s disposal. We recommend no to exceed in size, especially when booking a shuffle service.

Conditions for route change or cancellations of the service

Route Corrections
Passengers may request final destination to be corrected provided that the same trip is made. Corrections must be requested prior to the departure date and time indicated on the booking form. Should the fare of the corrected route be higher than the one paid, the passenger must pay the difference.

Passenger should inform us via email ( as follows:
● Costumers may ask to cancel trips, providing us with due notice; when this should happen before 24 hours of the booked service start it would be for free. If the cancellation should arrive not before 6 hours to the departure scheduled time, it will be applied a 50% of the service fee.
● Passengers must be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time on the date of departure. When the flight should be late more than 30 minutes, you must contact our mobile line, so to allow us to wait for you. Otherwise, we are not liable for trips missed due to late passenger arrival and we won't be obliged to hold up any service to wait for late passengers, and a 50% fee will be applied.
● The driver will wait for you not more than 1 hour after the landing scheduled time. If the costumer shouldn't arrive then, the whole fee will be applied.

Our fee include also:

IVA 10%, toll highway fees, pass and parking where required.

General Conditions

On the web-site Drivers Italy Transfer are available services NCC (rent a car with driver included) only to allow the passengers to book previously their trip and be able to catch special offers. Services are described easilly and in a plain language, and are generically described using photos that will give
you the idea of the vehicle and its category. The car will be never the same that you will find in the images, but it will be the same brand, category, colour and segment.
Services chosen and booked, via will be confirmed only when the booking service will have a positive response. When booking, the service will be positive only when details provided will be confirmed, and only using payment systems that will be provided on this web-site. The user that will positively book a service, will find in his profile area details about it, and in addition there will be a card which will provide all info. concerning the bill istantly generated when settling. Services offered are only provided by Drivers Italy Transfer and his direct collaborators, with identical professional specifics.

All services offered by Drivers Italy Transfer are conducted by personnel and vehicles legally allowed. To use services offered by Drivers Italy Transfer via this web-site conditions and rules are, through this notice, referred to and an integral part of the contract. This is to inform you of the due information on data processing purposes and methods as well as on the communication and disclosure of the data you provided booking. Booking you will be considered accepting our terms and conditions.

Drivers Italy Transfer


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